Wildest Dreams: Further Reading

This page contains details of publications & articles relating to Wildest Dreams. The information is for research & the website cannot provide copies of the articles listed.

Published Editions

Wildest Dreams
Samuel French, 1993, ISBN 0573019320
Wildest Dreams
Faber, 1994, ISBN 0571173047


Paul Allen: A Pocket Guide to Alan Ayckbourn’s Plays
pp.140-145 (Faber & Faber, 2004, ISBN 0571214924)
Paul Allen: Alan Ayckbourn - Grinning at the Edge*
pp.254 (Methuen, 2001, ISBN 0413731200)
Michael Holt: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.55-57 (Northcote Press, 1999, ISBN 0746308590)
Albert Reiner Glaap: Ayckbourn Country – Second Edition*
pp.149-153 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004)


Interview: Alan Ayckbourn
Sid Smith, Theatre Monthly, 1 May 1991
Making The Wildest Of Dreams Comes True
Charles Hutchinson, 7 May 1991
A Chorus Of Approval For The Last Resort
Kate Muir, The Times, 24 May 1991
Roy Shaw, The Tablet, 7 September 1991
Dream Ticket For Bard Of Scarborough
Clive Davis, Sunday Express, 12 December 1993
Andrew Billen Talks To Alan Ayckbourn
Andrew Billen, The Observer, 12 December 1993
The Unhappy Family Man
Alan Franks, The Times, 13 December 1991

Reviews (world premiere)

Michael Billington, Country Life, 16 May 1991
The Games People Play
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 8 May 1991
Wildest Dreams
Malcolm Rutherford, Financial Times, 8 May 1991
Familiar Fantasies
Robin Thornber, The Guardian, 8 May 1991
It's All In The Game
Paul Taylor, The Independent, 8 May 1991
Oh, The Games People Play
Irving Wardle, Independent On Sunday, 12 May 1991
Intriguing Black Comedy Proves Ayckbourn's Skill
David Jeffels, Northern Echo, 8 May 1991
Ayckbourn Game That Becomes A Nightmare
Gillian Enlund, Scarborough Evening News, 7 May 1991
Wildest Dreams
David Jeffels, The Stage, 23 May 1991
A Nightmare In No Man's Land
John Peter, Sunday Times, 12 May 1991
Puzzling Fantasies In Pieces
Benedict Nightingale, The Times, 8 May 1991
Wildest Dreams Makes A Highly Disturbing Play
Charles Hutchinson, Yorkshire Evening Press, 7 May 1991
Wildest Dreams
Bob Keogh, Yorkshire Post, 8 May 1991

Reviews (London premiere)

Anguished King-Killer In The Throes Of His Mid-Life Crisis
Maureen Paton, Daily Express, 17 December 1993
The Demons That Lurk In Suburban Dreamland
Daily Mail, 17 December 1993
Giggling In The Gathering Gloom
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 24 December 1993
Ayckbourn's Fantasies Come Horrifically True
Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard, 15 December 1993
Ayckbourn's Wildest Dreams
Alastair Macaulay, Financial Times, 17 December 1993
Laugh - I Nearly Cried
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 16 December 1993
On The Game
Paul Taylor, The Independent, 16 December 1993
Wildest Dreams
Independent On Sunday, 19 December 1993
Bowles Me Over
Louise Doughty, Mail On Sunday, 19 December 1993
Wildest Dreams
Mail On Sunday, 19 December 1993
Wildest Dreams
The Observer, 17 December 1993
Wildest Dreams
The Spectator, 8 January 1994
Wildest Dreams
Peter Hepple, The Stage, 13 January 1994
Demons And Dark Humour
Clive Hirschhorn, Sunday Express, 19 December 1993
Cardigan Warriors Adrift In The Galaxy
John Gross, Sunday Telegraph, 19 December 1993
Wildest Dreams
Sunday Times, 19 December 1993
Wildest Dreams
Sunday Times, 23 January 1994
Wildest Dreams
Jane Edwardes, Time Out, 29 December 1993
Games That Only Losers Plays
Benedict Nightingale, The Times, 17 December 1993
Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Bill Hagerty, Today 15 December 1993

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